Flow makes packaging design clear & efficient

It's time for a single, streamlined experience to manage your brand artwork. To get everyone on the same page, shorten your time to market, and avoid costly reprints. Say hello to Flow.

When your artwork process doesn't flow...

Here's how Flow will impact your brand and artwork management

Artwork management peace of mind starts with Flow

It's time to put your brand and artwork front and center with a process that provides confidence. Put artwork communication, collaboration, and management on autopilot.

Take Total Control of Your Brand Packaging

Proof, manage, collaborate, and so much more. All in a single, user-friendly platform.

Never Lose Track of Assets & Revisions Again

All files, all versions, all comments. All in one place.

Put Approval on Autopilot

Eliminate bottlenecks with Flow's dedicated approval process system.

Manage Packaging Projects Like a Pro

Keep tabs on all tasks, comments, modifications, deadlines, and more.

Plays Well with Your Process & Workflows

Integrate Flow with any of your systems for a seamless way of working.

Get Clear Reports at Your Fingertips

Know what's happening and stay on top of process KPIs with easy reporting.

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Tailored Flow Solutions

  • Flow Essential

    for small to midsize businesses

    Rock-solid packaging design software to get you up and running with better management of your brand assets.

    • Shared hosting environment

    • Single sign-on (SSO)

    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    • Staging environment (optional)

    • Report Builder to create your own reports (optional)

    • Incoming quality inspection (optional)

    • Bulk job creation (optional)

    “We reduced our artwork cycle times from 70 days to just 10 days. Correction times were cut down from 5 days to 2 days. With Flow, we’re much faster. And much more consistent, too.”

    Laue Michael Lauritzen

    D2P Product Manager

    “We felt understood by Flow’s team of experts and experienced a smooth implementation based on our business needs. Flow’s slick interface is easy to use and we appreciate the cost efficiency due to the constant release of new features.”

    Pim Vermeulen

    Marketing & Innovation Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Packaging Artwork Management?

    Packaging Artwork Management involves the creation, reviewal, and approval of packaging designs and related artwork for products.

  • How does Flow help in Packaging Artwork Management?

    Our solution streamlines the entire artwork management process, from creation to approval, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

  • What are the key features of Flow?

    • Web-based solution, no plugins required
    • Cloud hosted with no extra infrastructure necessary
    • Offered in SaaS mode with maintenance and version upgrades
    • Slick, user-friendly interface
    • Full project management functionalities
    • Digital Asset Library
    • Integrated state-of-the-art proofing tool
    • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems (ERP, PIM, DAM, TVT,…)
    • GANTT chart for easy planning
    • Kanban project view for clear status visibility
    • Client branding capabilities
    • Personalized dashboards
    • Full audit trail and KPI reporting
  • Can multiple users collaborate on artwork simultaneously?

    Yes, Flow real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same artwork simultaneously.

  • What file formats are supported for artwork uploads?

    • Flow supports all common file formats to be uploaded in the asset library and throughout the process. These include PDF, AI, Word, Excel, PPT, 3D files, cutterguides,…
    • Note: The review and approval tool supports PDF and iC3D formats
  • Is there a review and approval process in place?

    Flow utilizes a built-in proofing engine with visual annotations & comparison functionalities. This allows users to review, approve and provide real-time feedback directly on the files.

  • Can I track the progress of artwork through different stages?

    Yes, Flow allows you to track the progress of artwork from creation to final approval, providing transparency and accountability to your team as well as external stakeholders.

  • How does Flow ensure compliance with packaging regulations?

    • Built in preflight capability
    • Comprehensive audit trail
    • Integration possibilities with automated proof-reading solutions
    • Legal is a part of the approval process
  • Can I access Flow from different devices?

    • Yes, as a web application, Flow is accessible from various devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users.
    • Note: At this point in time, the Flow UI is not optimized for mobile devices
  • What security measures are in place to protect artwork data?

    • Data: Refer to standard MS Azure (BU)
    • Security: SSO, MFA prevents unauthorized access to your data
    • Audit trail tracks who has made what changes
  • How do users reach customer support?

    Within our user interface we have a quick connection link for clients to contact support directly.

  • Is Flow an out-of-the-box proofing software or a tailor-made solution?

    • Flow is a standard solution, providing most features out of the box, or in other words with built-in functionalities. However, since every company is unique with its own organizational structure, Flow can be configured to meet individual requirements.
    • In addition, on a regular basis new functionalities and innovations are introduced through upgrades and updates.
    • As an Enterprise solution, customer specific features can be developed and implemented seamlessly as an add-on.

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  • KPI dashboard
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